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December 29, 2002
Why Oil Rich Countries Are Poor - pdf
One of the mysteries of our times, how come oil rich countries have so many poor living in them

December 20, 2002
Venezuelan Political Humor - pdf
Humor is deeply ingrained in the Venezuelan national psyche

December 19, 2002
Venezuela 12-19-2002 - pdf
We like our country and we like to mind our own business. We don't want to be Cubans. We don't want to be Chinese. We don't want to be anything but Venezuelans. Because we want to be Venezuelans we will continue to defend our country.

December 13, 2002
Report on Venezuela - pdf
The Venezuelan people are fed up with Chavez and they want to get rid of him.

October 16, 2002
A Web Hosting Reseller Model - pdf
Web hosting needs to become more user friendly to resellers. Resellers need quality of service guarantees and the flexibility to meet their own client's needs.

October 1, 2002
The End of the Gorilla Game? - pdf
Just as nature abhors a vacuum, the law of diminishing returns abhors a profit. As we move from atoms to bits, can The Gorilla Game remain viable?

August 27, 2002
Why Soros Has It Wrong - pdf
George Soros is a master investor but his interventionist politics disclose the fact that he is not an up-to-date economist

August 19, 2002
Fruit Flies, Disk Drives and Echelon - pdf
Is LonWorks a disrupting or a sustaining technology? That will decide if Echelon is an also ran or a potential gorilla.

August 9, 2002
Coverage initiated on ELON by Denny - pdf
It is time to start a tornado watch for Echelon Corp.

August 7 & 8, 2002
The Myth of the Gold Standard - pdf
People don't trust their government so they want to trust in gold. Not too different from primitive people trusting in god for rain.

July 23, 2002
Increasing Returns - pdf
Knowledge based industries tend to be ruled by the economic law of increasing returns and the more you sell, the more you sell!

July 22, 2002
The Killer App - pdf
How a discussion of age groups helps discover the killer app

July 5, 2002
Bears on the prowl! - pdf
The bears are are as right in this market as the bulls were in 1999.

June 14, 2002
All Data Are Not Created Equal - pdf
The worry that memory and storage speeds are not keeping pace with processor speeds may be lessened if large amounts of data can bypass the processor with NAS technology.

June 11, 2002
Options Math - pdf
Warren Buffett and other knowledgeable investors say that employee stock options are bad for investors. I run the numbers and I like them. What am I missing?

June 9, 2002
ARM and Time-to-Market - pdf
Is ARM Holdings charging enough royalties?

June 8, 2002
I started to convert Software Times to valid HTML 4.01 code. The converted pages sport the W3C logos at the bottom of the page. Some older browsers like Netscape 4.7 don't deal with it too well so if you are using an older browser you might want to consider upgrading.

May 22, 2002
Bankruptcy Protection, Good or Bad? - pdf
Investors have not put enough thought into bankruptcy.

May 1, 2002
The Telecosm is Dead - pdf
Long Live the Telecosm

March 7, 2002
A Defense of The Gorilla Game - pdf
The title says it all.

March 7, 2002
Join the ARMHY Now? - pdf
A current opinion on ARM Holdings

February 17, 2002
Business Intelligence - pdf
The research turns up two interesting candidates in this field, Business Objects and Cognos

February 9, 2002
InfoNow Corp. Research - pdf
InfoNow Corp. (INOW) is intriguing. Will it be able to take on the big ones?

February 6, 2002
The Future of Software - pdf
An opinion as to the relative merits of investing in optics vs. software

February 6, 2002
Intrado Due Dilligence - pdf
Intrado Inc. (TRDO) looks like it could be a very attractive investment

January 31, 2002
GX Bankruptcy - pdf
It's during bankruptcy that reality sets in for many new investors. Bankruptcy is one of the risks in 'Risk Reward Ratio'

January 29, 2002
Gilder Stock Picking - pdf
George Gilder does not know how to pick stocks -- the death of a lot of Page 8 companies proves it. The question is, why?

January 28, 2002
The Future? - pdf
There are reasons to be optimistic about the future even if we don't know in detail what the future will bring

January12, 2002
AirCosm? - pdf
Where will the action be in the Telecosm in this new year 2002? I believe it will shift from optics to the air interfaces.

January 9, 2002
The More It Changes - pdf
Musings about the high-tech stock market. The more it changes the more it becomes different!

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