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December 31, 2001
Reasonable Expectations - pdf
Time to get out of bubble time and bust time and back into reasonable time.

October 6, 2001
Bengali Web Technique - pdf
The Internet is an American creation but the WWW is world wide phenomenon. How do people who don't use the Roman alphabet cope? I love this Bengali technique

October 2, 2001
Forum Software Progress Report

September 18, 2001
Calouste Gulbenkian - pdf
This is part of the story of how the map of Mesopotamia was redrawn after World War One to create the modern Middle East.

September 15, 2001
Clash of Civilizations - pdf
The terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and on the World Trade Center are not just isolated acts of madmen but one of the major battles in the current ongoing Clash of Civilizations.

September 12, 2001
Market Damage Assessment - pdf
Major destruction of insured property can have enormous liquidity consequences for the stock market

September 6. 2001 - Raging Bull
Great write-up on ARM Holdings.
ARM - What has Saxby got up his sleeve? -- link expired

September 2, 2001
Book revue:
A Random Walk Down Wall Street
by Burton G. Malkiel

August 31, 2001
Eagles Don't Flock - pdf
Average investors and average investing professionals cannot, by definition (or mathematics), beat the averages since they are creating the averages. If they were to perform better the average would also rise and, relatively, they would remain in the same place.

August 23, 2001
Gorilla Gaming in Bear Markets - pdf
What does a missing tornado tell us? IMO, the gorillas are born nonetheless but the buy signal is properly missing

August 20, 2001 - NPI board
Seldom do we get a qualified user's point of view. This series of posts is a good antidote to the stuff we get from the investing experts.
APP Server A Must Buy? -- post removed from TMF
Part 2  - Part 3

August 17, 2001
Software Magazine
Free searchable database of the top 500 software companies

August 11, 2001
The Catch-22s of Investing - - pdf
The future is uncertain. The data we have is unreliable. Yet we have to make investment decisions.

July 16, 2001
Soft Gorillas -- part one - pdf
How hunting for gorillas in the Microcosm and the Telecosm differ

July 13, 2001
All Good Things - pdf
Goodbye to the Gilder Forum

July 07, 2001
The Tower of Babel - pdf
I attempt to explain the causes of the current bear market based on the insights into the new science of complexity by Stuart Kauffman

July 04, 2001
Freedom - pdf
Americans, please fight for your freedom now while you still have some of it left. After you lose it all, you will have Hell to pay to get it back

June 27, 2001
What is Long Term Buy and Hold? - pdf
LTBH is NOT Buy and Forget. You have to work at it

June 25, 2001
Buffett on the Stock Market - pdf
The interesting part is not so much what Buffett he said but what he left out

June 24, 2001
The Fitness Landscape - pdf
Concepts taken from the science of complexity can improve your investing strategies

June 13, 2001
Telecosm Crosses the Chasm - pdf
Can the Gorilla Game concepts be applied to the Telecosm as a whole?

June 09, 2001
Rules vs. Prices - pdf
Market Catch-22 -- a free market is best for everyone but I prefer that my prices should be protected because that's best for me!

June 03, 2001
Sound and Sight - pdf
Cellular is very attractive as a last mile solution because it would rid us of all those bothersome wires. Silicon carbide (SiC) from Cree could be the missing link in the CDMA whole product.

June 01, 2001
Filters - pdf
We live in an age of information explosion. Filters help you regain control over your life.

May 21, 2001
Investing Fads - pdf
Some people have declared LTBH dead as an investment strategy. They are dead wrong.

April 26, 2001
GG and the Gorilla Game - pdf
Long term buy and hold (LTBH) is alive and well but you must be very selective with your picks. Geoffrey Moore's The Gorilla Game is a great help in finding the long term winners.

April 24, 2001
Goodwill - pdf
Goodwill is highly misunderstood because its causes lie buried deep in the acquired company's historical cost accounting. Now the Financial Accounting Standards Board is starting to address some of the accounting practices that create the problem.

April 16, 2001
Beyond Gilder - pdf
What comes after Telecosm? What is the real consequence of Telecosm? What happens when intelligent machines can do our mental work?

April 08, 2001
Complexity and the FED - pdf
Alan Greenspan and the FED are trying to do a job that neither can be done nor needs be done. This would be as good a time as any for Bush to close down the FED

April 04, 2001
Money is the universal attractor, in the human universe it's as pervasive as gravity is in the physical universe. Investor beware!

April 02, 2001
Moats, Barriers and Switching Costs - pdf
All businesses try to keep the competition at bay and different businesses, depending on their nature, have various ways of doing so

March 31, 2001
The Internet and the Telecosm are alive and well - pdf
The Internet and the Telecosm are alive and well

March 28, 2001
Search Software Times - pdf
In about two hours I was able to add a full featured search facility to Software Times by using Atomz Search. A terrific product!

March 24, 2001
Income Statement for Dummies! - pdf
Accounting can tells as many lies as statistics and almost as many as politicians. Half the time the figures you get out of management were designed to make them look good. What you want is the naked truth, not the management's fairy tales.

March 22, 2001
Close Down the FED - pdf
Please write to your congressman or to anyone else who will listen to please close down the FED. It's not a question if Greenspan knows how to do his job or not. It' not a question if Greenspan understands economics or not. It's simply that the job he does DOES NOT NEED DOING!

March 21, 2001
No News is Good News for G* - pdf
I think the really important piece of news is the one we never did hear. The note holders could have sued by now and they have not done so!

March 18, 2001
Wealth and Money - pdf
Don't confuse money with wealth.

March 16, 2001
The Challenge - pdf
With the bears in full bloom, Gilder started to address The Investing Challenge in the March 2001 issue of the GTR.

March 14, 2001
The Mystery of Capital - pdf
The Mystery of Capital reveals why capitalism works in the West and nowhere else. A must read, specially for politicians.

March 12, 2001
Abundance and Scarcity - pdf
Gilder's real message is that supply and demand, abundance and scarcity, are the real drivers of the economy

March 09, 2001
Why Wait? - pdf
The Fed should be shut down immediately and Alan Greenspan put out to pasture before he does any more damage

March 04, 2001
Granularity - pdf
Just how useful are stock price charts for the investor?

February 26, 2001
War - pdf
The Romans used roads,the English used fleets and the moderns are using the Internet to wage war.

February 22, 2001
In defense of Telecosm - pdf
Telecosm does not need defending but it must be understood on its own terms.

February 15, 2001
Enabling Software - pdf
The GTR is dedicated to the Telecosmic infrastructure and this infrastructure will have to be paid for by the companies that use it to deliver BILLABLE products and services to their customers.

February 02, 2001
Whatiffing G* - pdf
Bernie Schwartz is not going to let G* slip away from him. I figured that there was a high stakes poker game being played between Bernie and the other limited partners, I now think that the poker game was between Bernie and the note holders and they didn't even know it!

January 23, 2001
City of Light - pdf
An excellent book about the history of fiber optics.

January 20, 2001
Cao's Vision - pdf
Simon Cao sees a need for four switching islands in his all optical network. Thirty Internet hotels with server farms, caches and intelligent OEO routers is more likely.

January 16, 2001
Why G* can survive - pdf
Although it is a race against time and money, Globalstar can survive and be profitable for the retail shareholders

January 12, 2001
Banks? Ponzi game! - pdf
How banks work and why we should get rid of the Fed, of central banks in general

January 05, 2001
Dow Theory - pdf
I'm sticking with Long Term Buy and Hold but an understanding of the Dow Theory is useful for all investors, specially at the time you want to buy or sell shares.

January 04, 2001
Chip Makers - pdf
How Moore's concepts of Core and Context apply to chip makers.

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