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December 23, 2013

Time Travel and The Stock Market

I just wish I had discovered this a year ago and made 10x

Anonymous Investor

A frequent lament!

Wormhole, a shortcut though space-time
A wormhole is a shortcut
though space-time
We should develop a time machine for investors who missed opportunities. HG Wells' design might be a good starting point if we could find the plans. Over the weekend I watched some discussions on time travel and there were two observations that dented my enthusiasm.

One scientist said that a time machine cannot travel further into the past than the date on which it was made. It self deconstructs on that date when time is running backwards. Maybe old used time machines are listed on eBay? One of these, if serviceable, would extend our range into the past.

An alternative to going back to buy bargains would be to go to the future to discover today's bargains, come back and buy them. This was tried but when the fellow arrived in the future the first thing he read was his own obituary but it was never made clear how he could read it being already dead. Time travel can bring about untimely events.

German physicist Renate Loll talked about mathematical models which allow wormholes. The problem is that it develops wormholes on the wormholes on smaller and smaller scale until the time traveler is everywhere (everytime?) all the time. Messy!

For now we'll have to keep investing in the present.

Denny Schlesinger

Renate Loll on the Quantum Origins of Space and Time
Toward the end you'll find the part about wormholes.

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