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December 22, 2008

What Islam is Not

Islam is a conquering culture/religion and it has always been. Officially founded in 622 AD, by 732 Islam had conquered half the world when it was stopped at Tours by Charles the Hammer (Charles Martel). That conquest was accomplished in barely 110 years and they didn't have any modern transportation. They did it on horses and camels. After being quiescent for a few centuries they are at it again. The West must decide if it wants to be conquered and subjugated. If not, better fight back now.

This is an eye opening and scary video about Islam from Australia:

What Islam is Not

This video is based on Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat by Peter Hammond.

Slavery, Terrorism and Islam
From The End of Islam
Slavery, Terrorism and Islam exposes the falsehood of these and other prevalent myths propagated about Islam. Far from Islam being a great religion of learning, tolerance and peace, this book presents the historical facts, and sets the record straight. Muhammad declared that if other books confirmed what was in the Quran then they didn't need them. And if the books did not confirm what was in the Quran they didn't want them. So the order was: Burn them! The Muslims burned libraries all across North Africa and the Middle East. They burned the library of Alexandria - the largest library in the world at that time. It probably included original copies of the Bible and other priceless manuscripts.

Denny Schlesinger

What Islam is Not | Australian Nationalist Resource
The End of Islam

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