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March 3, 2004

The Venezuelan Frankenstein Monster

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, the Venezuelan Frankenstein Monster, was created by the Venezuelan politicians and it is every Venezuelan's job to help getting rid of this monster assembled from the political carrion that has been accumulating since 1958.

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias would never have been elected save for our eagerness to vote not for the best but for the lesser evil. In every election since 1958 we have managed to elect a government which is worse than the predecessor until we managed to elect a Frankenstein monster who is destroying our fatherland.

There are some naive people in the opposition who believe that the United States will rescue us from our misfortune. They best forget these foolish thoughts. Neither does the US have any interest in what happens here as long as our oil reaches their shores nor should we lose what's left of our dignity by asking for help from Uncle Sam.

It is not enough to think about how we will get rid of Chavez. We have to think about what we are going to use as a substitute. Echoing the war cry of Gente de Petroleo, "Not even one step back," in our case it translates into making sure that the systems that brought Chavez to power will not be repeated in Venezuela. The first thing is to insure that the politicians who created the Frankenstein monster will not have access to power. We must not permit that Adecos, Copeyanos or Masistas become our leaders. We need people with clean hands and clean minds. We have to forget the myth that "The Oils Is Ours" since it never was. Venezuelan oil is the private property of whoever happens to be running the country and it has always been so. This too must end. We must put an end to populism whereby the government uses the oil money to buy votes. And as a last point, we must reduce our armed forces to a size in accord with the Venezuelan needs. We need neither missile frigates nor thousands of generals who are eating our livers. We don't need a National Guard whose only two objectives are to bribe us on the road and to harass Venezuelans when we demand our rights.

Freedom and rights are conquered neither by OAS meetings nor by the presence of the Carter Center in Venezuela. I want to remind you that Jimmy Carter was one of the worse presidents the United States ever had. He was the man who could not rescue his hostages from Iran. If he could not rescue his own people while commander in chief of the world's most powerful armed forces, how can we pretend that he will rescue us from Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias?

We, the Venezuelans, have to demand that our government respect the Laws and the Constitution of the land. We have to demand the recall referendum that has been requested by over three million signatories, a large enough number to authorize it.

If our rights are not granted by way of dialog then we must demand them by other means. We don't want to be governed by Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias and we must make sure that he cannot govern. We have to invoke every means of peaceful resistance that helps to make the county ungovernable. We have to declare ourselves in civil disobedience in every which way. We have to march and protest. We must resist the aggression of our armed forces and the other coercive forces commanded by Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias and his henchmen.

And above all, we must not listen to the siren song of our traditional politicians who in our hour of anguish, instead of looking out for Venezuela, think only of maneuvers that will bring them back to the feeding trough.

Compatriots, forget about Carter and the OAS. Forget about Uncle Sam coming to the rescue. This is our fight.

Denny Schlesinger
Caracas - Venezuela

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