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May 16, 2008

The Geopolitics of Israel

by Dr. George Friedman

One has to wonder how Israel can at times defend itself against the numerically superior and unfriendly neighbors and at others be dispersed in a Diaspora. Dr. George Friedman does a very creditable job of explaining this conundrum in his article The Geopolitics Of Israel which I reproduce partially below. At the end you'll find a link to the whole article.
Denny Schlesinger

The founding principle of geopolitics is that place -- geography -- plays a significant role in determining how nations will behave. If that theory is true, then there ought to be a deep continuity in a nation's foreign policy. Israel is a laboratory for this theory, since it has existed in three different manifestations in roughly the same place, twice in antiquity and once in modernity. If geopolitics is correct, than Israeli foreign policy, independent of policy makers, technology or the identity of neighbors, ought to have important common features. This is, therefore, a discussion of common principles in Israeli foreign policy, over nearly 3,000 years.

For convenience, we will use the term "Israel" to connote all of the Hebrew and Jewish entities that have existed in the Levant since the invasion of the region as chronicled in the Book of Joshua. As always, geopolitics requires a consideration of three dimensions: the internal geopolitics of Israel, the interaction of Israel and the immediate neighbors who share borders with it, and Israel's interaction with what we will call great powers, beyond Israel's borderlands.

To read the rest of it you'll have to visit John Mauldin's InvestorsInsight.com blog

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