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Posted to the Gilder forum - May 10, 2000


The GTR forum is run by serious people who would not dream of invading our privacy. Right? Right!

Do we run any risk of losing our privacy by logging on to the GTR forum? MOST DEFINITIVELY! And it has nothing to do with the people at the GTG.

The explanation is a bit complicated so I'll let Philip Greenspun do it. Go to the "User Tracking" chapter of his book at:


and search for "Privacy" (On the Mac, Command F and type "Privacy")

After you have read it, continue here:

And what does that have to do with GTR Forum? Everything. The forum let's you use HTML and that means that you can paste live web pages in your messages or anything else you want. Here is a GIF from Phil's book!

<P ALIGN=center><IMG SRC="http://photo.net/wtr/thebook/napkin/7.2.gif" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=534 ALIGN=bottom>

and as Phil explained placing a cookie on your machine is easy. Then by posting new messages, the poster can check up on you.

I wonder what sort of consideration, if any, the WebSpinners at the GTG have given this issue.


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