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January 21, 2003

Does Venezuela Like Che Guevara?

Question asked on TMF Political Asylum board.
I noticed some of the Che Guevarra picture posters in the crowd last night when our very own Geraldo Rivera was interviewing, actually, finishing the comments for those he interviewed.
El Ché is as dead as Communism is but some people have not yet arrived to the 21st century.

Back in the 60s a Cuban contingent led by Che Guevarra tried invading Venezuela. They did not succeed and Venezuela got Cuba kicked out of the OAS. Later Che Guevarra tried to lead a peasant revolution in Bolivia and he was killed by the Bolivian military. Good riddance.

It is really sad that people don't know their history. Very seldom does dictatorship help the people and the country. There have been cases where a benign dictatorship has been a lot more efficient economically than democracy. Some Asian countries bear witness to that. But none of these benign dictatorships are communist in their ideology. A system that preaches taking forcibly from the guy who works to give it to the guy who doesn't is anti natural. It kills all incentives to work.

Albania, the ex-USSR, North Korea, Haile Sellassie Jr.'s Ethiopia, Castro's Cuba -- these are the models that any Che admirer is wishing for himself and his family. Somewhat short sighted I would say.

In Venezuela we have about 15% of the people who will usually vote for the far left while the majority, about 70%, vote for various left of center parties.

Denny Schlesinger
Caracas - Venezuela

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