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July 17, 2006

Disproportionate Response

I have a misguided Internet correspondent who thinks this cartoon is about Israel. No, it is about France, Russia, Spain and the Vatican, about how they would like to see Israel. Don't forget that France recently called Israel "A shitty little country." Don't forget that Spain under Zapatero caved in to terrorism. Russia is still licking its Chechen wounds. It must hurt their pride that a shitty little country is able to do what they are afraid of doing (Spain) or cannot do (France and Russia). Europe is the land of appeasement, they no longer have the will to fight and win and they would like to bring Israel down to their shitty little level. That's what the cartoon says to me.

Disproportionate Response

The criticism that Israel is using a "disproportionate response" to the kidnappings of its soldiers is an attempt to morally disarm Israel and make Israel out to be a bully. This notion is ludicrous when considered in the full context: Hezbollah and Hamas initiated the current crisis in an ongoing war against Israel's right to exist. Notice that no one cried "disproportionate response" when Hamas demanded 1,200 prisoners in exchange for one Israeli hostage. Hamas and Hezbollah aren't playing a game of proportions, why should Israel?

Israel, an outpost of freedom in the Middle East, has every right to use whatever means necessary for her long-term interests to defeat those who are warring against her. All the "disproportionate response" critics are accomplishing is to empower Israel's enemies to wage more war, harm more Israeli citizens and escalate the violence. They are kicking Israel when she is down, when she needs our support the most.

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