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July 29, 2006

Comedian vs. Clown

Benjamín Rausseo, "Er Conde del Guácharo," a very popular Venezulean comedian, is our latest presidential candidate. Although controversial because he is so unexpected, the sentiments expressed in oppositions blogs is quite favorable but with notable exceptions.

El Conde del Guacharo A man of humble origins, Rausseo created the comic character "Er Conde del Guácharo." Love his or hate him, he is the most recognized comic figure in Venezuela during the last twenty years. Based on the success of "Er Conde," Benjamín Rausseo has created a highly successful and original theme park in Margarita Island. At 45, he is currently back in school to get his law degree. Rausseo quips that he holds a Guinness record as the only politician who can charge attendance to his meetings.

With the help of the Internet here is a brief biography:
Presidential campaign kickoff
Sorry, this part is all in Spanish.
Benjamín Rausseo en "Tocando Fondo"
Moderador Carlos Acosta
Transmitido el Lunes 24 de julio de 2006 a las 8:00pm
Promo / Resumen

First part out of five

Second part out of five

Third part out of five

Fourth part out of five

Fifth part out of five

Benjamín Rausseo in Wikipedia

The Kingdom of Musipán, a theme park with Venezuelan flavor

Not everyone likes him. This article appeared in the Chavista website aporrea.com. It sounds like the Chavistas are running scared of "Er Conde:"

Aventuras y desventuras del amo de Musipan...

It makes sense for the Chavistas to be scared of this man. Benjamín Rausseo was born in poverty, he is a self made man who is using his profits to create wealth and jobs and who now is calling the Chavistas to account. It is highly significant that Rausseo voted for Chavez back in 1998 but he claims that he only voted for the man for a five year period, not for a constitutional change and not for the self-perpetuation of the man.

Denny Schlesinger

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