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September 3, 2008

Chrome, First Shot of the Coming OS Wars

It's not browser wars. It's OS wars. Cloud computing is just a new buzz-word for client-server architecture on the web and Chrome aims to be the OS on which it runs on the client side. With LAMP on the server side, who needs Microsoft Windows or Microsoft IIS?

I will be writing on this subject in the near future because web app development is what I have been doing of late. BusinessWeek has an article on the subject. Google's Chrome Ups the Ante, where they attribute the following to Microsoft:
Microsoft insists that even with the growth of cloud computing, users will still demand powerful applications and processing power in their own machines.

This is wishful thinking! One of the web apps I developed last year runs faster served from the web than served from my own development Mac. OK, an iBook G4 is no longer considered a fast computer but the experience is indicative of things to come, specially if the new Internet-2 infrastructure is ever put in place.

Denny Schlesinger

BusinessWeek: Google's Chrome Ups the Ante

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