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September 2, 2008

Chrome & Tailfins

Tailfin first class stamp Does the Web really need another browser?

I'm not sure. From a designer's point of view it's just one more set of incompatibilities (bugs and non-standard rendering) to work around. Unless Google comes up with the perfect browser, something I doubt having seen some of their other interfaces.

Then there is the question of privacy. Google sees too much, not only the search but the google-mail, the ads, the google-desktop and now the users' browsing habits. Security only exists in the division of power and Google is becoming all powerful. Here is a typical comment from an industry insider:
Truthfully, Google and Microsoft are both too heavy-handed with their customers and customers' data. I'd prefer a more trustworthy company to produce my browser, but that is very unlikely to ever happen.
Google has too much of a stranglehold on all bits of information, and all that information can point back to me, you or anyone else. Sites visited, passwords, personal info, habits, times, where you live, where you work, phone numbers, etc.
From World Domination is Near by CapGemini
Fact is that Google already hosts your email, calendar, RSS reader, web history, documents, photos, blogs and much more free functionality. It is quite clear Google knows what you are doing since you do it with their applications. It is always questionable if you should want to outsource that many of your applications to one provider. However Google stated that it is not evil and therefore you should not mind it.

Tailfin first class stampThere is no getting around the reality that Google is here to stay but on a personal level I protect myself from Google by not using any of their products beyond the web search.

Denny Schlesinger

World domination is near

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