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December 6, 2005

Changes for the 6th Republic

Many of us consider that Chavez and the 5th republic are the direct consequence of the demo-desgracia that was the 4th republic and therefore no 4th republic figure is acceptable to the 6th republic.

Yes, the 6th! We need change. Both the 4th and the 5th had too much concentration of power, now in the hands of a president and before in the hands of a party. The 4th was not a democracy except in name, it was a party dictatorship with voting lists (voto lista) instead of named representatives (voto uninominal) that ended in congress giving extraordinary powers to the president so he could reign by decree. That is not what a democracy is all about.

The changes that I want to see are all in favor of the division of power including the return to a two chamber congress, let the senators fight the representatives (diputados); the total abolition of the voting lists, we need to elect every person by name so they know who they are responsible to: to us, not to the party and third, a 100% civilian government including the minister of defense. Retired officers are OK provided they have been retired from the military at least 5 years.

If we get these three changes we are well on our way to a much improved democracy.

Denny Schlesinger
Caracas - Venezuela

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