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February 8, 2008

Capitalist vs. Socialist Chickens

Yesterday I bought the last two capitalist chickens at my grocer and they are now sitting in the freezer waiting for me to convert them into delicious meals. The possibilities are almost endless from Hungarian "Csirke paprik·s," to Spanish "Arroz con pollo," to Italian breaded chicken breasts, to Chinese "Lemon chicken," to Indonesian "Chicken sate," to my very own "Ginger-Lime chicken," and simpler nuggets, fried chicken, chopped chicken livers and the inevitable chicken soup and chicken salad made from the carcasses.

Alas, the same cannot be said about or done with 21st Century Socialist Chickens. Not that the chickens themselves would not be willing, it's just that 21st Century Socialist Chickens exist only in the imagination of 21st Century Socialist Bureaucrats. These fine people love to protect the poor - bless their hearts - and they have decreed that chicken will sell at $1.00 per kilo at retail, that is what my grocer is allowed to charge me for whole chicken and that is just wonderful. The trouble is that my grocer has to pay $1.60 per kilo of chicken wholesale. For reasons that 21st Century Socialist Bureaucrats fail to understand, my grocer is not willing to make this kind of charitable offering to the rich or the poor customers who visit his store. When one asks for chicken the reply is "Sorry, no chicken today."

Today I will try to find a few more capitalist chickens to put in my freezer. I'm sure there must be a black market in frozen capitalist chickens.

Denny Schlesinger

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