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December 5, 2005

New Start

The numerical results of the election are of no importance, abstention means 100% Chavez control. Anyone saying that Chavez now controls the Assembly is only stating the obvious but also the irrelevant.

A correct interpretation of the abstention says that the people from the barrios, the masses that supposedly Chavez benefits, have turned against Chavez. I doubt that in Venezuela 75% of the voting population is upper and middle class and the only logical conclusion is that the poor also abstained. I know for a fact that a mason's assistant (ayudante de albaŅil) who worked in my house a few months ago is against Chavez and for that fact alone he is not getting building materials to complete his "rancho."

The abstention has hopefully unified the opposition parties. Up to now they have "dado la cŪmica," they have played the fool trying to grab a piece of the pie that was not theirs to share. But inaction will not remove Chavez. What is plan "B"? What are we going to do starting today, Monday December 5th? Who is the leader? Over the last few years every one who I thought might play the role has turned to dust.

A most important consideration, does the military realize that they are betting on a loser?

Denny Schlesinger
Caracas - Venezuela

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