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Jan 16 - Jan 29

Note to Readers:
“Men have become more egalitarian, but women are more realistic.” That’s how Wharton professor Stew Friedman describes some of the results of a 20-year study on careers and family life based on data collected from Wharton undergraduates in both 1992 and 2012.  From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29, Knowledge@Wharton and Friedman will host a Twitter chat on what those findings mean for the changing nature of work/life integration. To participate, follow @knowledgwharton and @StewFriedman on Twitter and include the hashtag #kwchat in your replies. Learn more about this research by visiting the Work/Life Integration Project: http://worklife.wharton.upenn.edu/.

What's New
For the Global Economy in 2013, Happy Days Are Not Quite Here Again

Although the global economy is in better shape than it was during the worst days of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, don't expect to see a dramatic turnaround in 2013, say Wharton professors Mauro Guillen and Kent Smetters. In separate interviews with Knowledge@Wharton, they discuss some of the challenges that the U.S., Europe, China and emerging markets such as Brazil and India are facing going into the New Year. (Video with transcript)

Finance and Investment
Microfinance and Patriarchy: 'A Drift Away from Serving Women'

Much of the research on microfinance focuses on the efficient delivery of loans and their effect on borrowers -- in other words, on the financial and economic aspects of the microfinance movement. But by ignoring microfinance's cultural aspects -- including the influence of patriarchal attitudes on lending practices -- the ability to make loans to the women whom microfinance was originally intended to serve can be seriously restricted, says Wharton management professor Tyler Wry, who has co-authored a paper exploring this topic.

Strategic Management
Barnes & Noble, the Last Big Bookseller Standing: But for How Long?

After a disappointing holiday season, Barnes & Noble leadership must decide how to retool its strategy to compete with online behemoth Amazon.com. The bookseller has tried to forge a strong digital arm through its Nook e-readers, but Wharton experts say the chain is caught between the need to bolster its in-store experience, and the drive to keep up in an ever-growing tablet market as readers increasingly turn away from printed books.

Finance and Investment
High-speed Trading: Is It Time to Apply the Brakes?

Costly glitches at some high-frequency trading firms have reignited a debate over the merits of computer-automated, high-speed stock transactions, in addition to inviting renewed scrutiny by regulators. Those in favor of high-frequency trading say it adds crucial liquidity to the market. But critics contend that the practice creates an uneven playing field for investors and poses a threat to the global financial system. Experts from Wharton and elsewhere weigh in.

Health Economics
From Fitbit to Fitocracy: The Rise of Health Care Gamification

These days, anyone with a smartphone can download a variety of games designed to make users healthier, whether that means sticking to an exercise routine, losing weight or managing a chronic illness. While experts have dubbed this trend "the gamification of health care," it has already presented a unique set of problems, including how to protect consumers' privacy and how to keep users engaged enough to show positive results.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Thinking Local, Going Global: Building Tech Start-ups in Africa

With limited infrastructure, a challenging regulatory environment and a small pool of skilled employees, tech start-ups in Africa face a difficult road to success. But panelists at the recent Wharton Africa Forum say the companies also stand to tap into a continent ripe with opportunity -- and one where there is limited competition from powerful multinationals.

Managing Technology
Up in the Cloud: Hype and High Expectations for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is creating waves in different industries across the developed world, helping both entrepreneurs and large conglomerates quickly respond to opportunities and manage their business processes more effectively. A recent survey by Knowledge@Wharton and enterprise software firm SAP reveals that people have very high expectations for the future of cloud computing; at the same time, they admit that they don't fully understand the technology. Knowledge@Wharton spoke with David Spencer, vice president at SAP, and Don Huesman, managing director at the Wharton Innovation Group, to clarify questions surrounding the future of cloud computing. (Podcast with transcript)

Highlights from Our Blog

Why Walmart Is Enlisting Veterans
Walmartís move yesterday to offer jobs to veterans comes after nationwide protests over wages and working conditions. Yet the move serves as an image booster and makes good business sense as well, say Wharton experts.
(Posted on January 16, 2013)

Advice for Apple: Strategizing a Lower-end iPhone
With Apple reportedly at work on a less-expensive iPhone, Wharton experts discuss whether introducing such a product would be a wise move for the company.
(Posted on January 14, 2013)

Can Gap, Inc. Fill the Luxury Gap?
With its purchase of fashion retailer Intermix, Gap hopes to move into the all important luxury sector and beef up sales both domestically and abroad. Will it work?
(Posted on January 08, 2013)

It's January 7: Are You Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution?
Only 8% of those who make a New Year's resolution will stick with it, according to a recent study. What can you do to increase your own odds?
(Posted on January 07, 2013)


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Articles and Links from Knowledge@Wharton Sponsors

Ernst & Young:
Asia-Pacific Private Equity Outlook 2013

Expectations have shifted on exit routes, but Private Equity activity will continue to rise in the region, according to our survey of the Asia-Pacific PE community. Read more.

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CapitaLens eNewsletter on Leveraged Finance

Read what mid-sized companies think about financing and investment in 2013.

Wipro and Knowledge@Wharton:
Future of Industry Series: Technology Innovation

Retailers and consumer goods organizations are collaborating and finding new ways to analyze data from consumers and shoppers in order to extract business intelligence Marshall L. Fisher, Wharton professor of operations and information management, and Srini Pallia, a Wipro senior vice president, explore the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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